Thursday, March 10, 2011

The WA Run.

Washington- Seattle and Spokane.
Well it’s only been a few weeks since the last post, so as you can imagine I have a lot of catching up to do. Let’s start with the WA cities. We rolled into Seattle with just a few tickets left to sell at the door, and boy did they go fast. Not only was the show sold out, but we may have over sold by a ticket or ten because we had people standing all over the place…and they loved it! The crowd was awesome and definitely let their appreciation of the film maker’s show, they were loud and jacked up from the time we hit play to the time we locked up the doors and headed to the local pub.

And speaking of the pub, for those of you that missed it…there was a karaoke performance for the ages put on by the Graphite Samurai himself, Jay J. I’ve known Jay for a long time, and have always heard the rumors about his vocals on the mic...but wow, thank you to our good friends at Moldy Chum for documenting the evening.
What can I say about Spokane? Awesome theater, awesome crowd, and awesome show. Spokane is one of our most popular shows every year and we always break the 600 person mark. It’s a given. That says a lot about the people in that area and their dedication to fish porn.  We even got a tour of Dry could taste the deliciousness from beginning to end.  
The Bing Rocks!

After the show I had a few days to chill with the Castaway Fly Shop crew out of Coeur d'Alene. The boys were all about spending a few days on the water. On day one we did about a six hour float down one of their local rivers in search of Westslope Cutties. Along with a bunch of ass hooked whities, we ran into a few cutts that wanted to play.  It was a perfect day and a ton of fun…see you boys next yr.

The put in...

One in the bag.


Fat and hairy, the film tour way. Black

Day two we headed south to the Clearwater in search of some B-runs. As the Steelfacin’ thing can go, we got our asses handed to us. But it’s not every day you fish a new piece of water, with shots at monster fish on the swing. Not where I live anyway. Once the snow stopped it turned into a great day, and I got in more two handed practice than ever. Good times for sure.

The early bird get the worm.

Shore lunch.
I was Swing-ing.


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