Wednesday, March 23, 2011

20 Great Things in Fly Fishing

This past week the newest issue of Angling Trade was released and they had an article titled “20 Great Things Happening in Fly Fishing Right Now”. It was written by Kirk Deeter, a heavy hitter in the world fly fishing blogs, news and literature. Kirk received hundreds of responses from readers about the best things going in our sport today. As you can imagine many of the top pics geared around conservation issues and groups, new age media such as blogs and websites and….wait for it, wait for it….the Fly Fishing Film Tour! Myself and the rest of the crew were ecstatic to see the F3T make the list…at #2 no less! An unbelievable about of time, money and hard work goes into making the tour the number one event in the fishing industry every year, and it’s great to see the tour receive such a high ranking.
 Honestly we’re not sure if we were ranked #2, or if it was just a random assortment of the top 20, but hell, why not number two!
In a time of what some consider “hard knocks” for the industry (the economy, box stores, quality hackle shortages) it’s nice to see an article about all the things that are right with that’s going on in our small little world of fly fishing. Thanks Deeter, this read was a nice breath of fresh air.  

Check it out here in PDF...Did I mention it was the cover article?
And cheers to all the people, companies, clubs and organizations that have helped make this industry what it is today…
PS- The film tour’s independent shows raised over 40,000 dollars last year alone for conservation groups…not too shabby.

It's it.



  1. Matt----Read most of my AT last evening. You bet, $40,000 for local conservation efforts is quite and accomplishment...thanks

    I'd love to have an FFFT event near here; ideally in Reno. What does it entail?

    Frank R. Pisciotta

  2. Frank,

    Good to hear from you and thanks for your interest in doing a show. As you can imagine a Reno/Tahoe show has been high on my list for about the last four years. Without getting into all the details, there always seemed to be some type of logistical reason why it never happened, until now.

    Thanks to the new CEO of Squaw (a really good friend of the tour), Andy Wirth, it looks like we’ll be doing a show in late April or May. The plans are still very much in the beginning stages but I can assure the word will be spread once the details are set.

    Because Andy has donated the venue for free, all proceeds will be going to the TU #103! As of right now not much is set in stone, but like I said, the word will be spread once the ball gets rolling.

    And I understand your thoughts on doing it in Reno; we’ll just have to press really hard to get that crew to come up the hill for a night! Talk to you soon.


  3. Good stuff!!!and a great pictures your blog has done really an appreciating job.