Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Browns and Bosie

Continued from last post...
The next day we headed to one of my favorite places in the world, the Nunya River, it’s about 100 miles north of Nicetryville. The three days didn’t disappoint. We hit it a bit early this year and just missed some of the best big bug dry fly action in the lower 48. Not that I’m complaining, Thad and I each got a few eats on the big guys, while Chad was busy chuckin’ streamers. But small flies where the rule of the week. Mostly small midges, and the occasional BWO emerger seemed to do the trick.
Hell Yes.

One of my all time favs.

Film Tour breakfast of champions.

NZ in 10 months!!

Thad doin' his thing.

4-6-3 Double Play.


After three insane days on the water, we were off to Boise. Just like a few other stops on the tour, there was a huge pre show party planned at the Idaho Angler. Tim Anstell really has his stuff together over there.  The party had about 100 people in and out the doors over the two hours that beer and some delicious eats where being served.  Like usual we headed to the venue and blew the roof off. We had about 600+ at the show, not too surprising considering the city we were in.
The best spinach artichoke dip on the planet.

Idaho Anlger rockin' it.

Full House.

Hired Help. Don't worry, their fake IDs were legit.

Lastly we have a few people to thank from our Boise run… First off thanks to Steve Vance, of Scandalous Sticks. Steve wraps is own custom rods and has quite the loyal following of customers for his amazing fly rods. Steve fished a few days with us, but more importantly, he held an after show fund raiser that included one of his custom 7wts. All of the proceeds went to wild steelhead conservation…not a bad deal.

And second, Brian Huskey of Fish Bite Media. Brian has quickly become a well-known photographer and film maker in the fly fishing world. Brian is a good friend of the tour, putting together the Casting For A Cure promotion that we start the program with, along with owning the cover shot for this year’s Stonefly Magazine (see jail bait pic above). Brian and his fiancé let us crash at their pad for a few days, and we were very appreciative once again to have a real bed to sleep in. Brian also let us swipe a few of his pics from the wall in the spear bedroom…a sweet little ritual for guests of the Huskey household. 
Top Pic, Catch Mag Cover Shot. 

Well my first month on the road is officially in the books. I’m back in Tahoe for the next few weeks trying to spend as much time as possible with my beautiful, reasonable and very understanding wife, Lulana.
Thank you babe!

Hey redfish and tarpon of the southeast, see you soon….


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