Monday, February 14, 2011

Bend, check. Portland, check.

Oregon, done and done.
Well It's been a few days since the last film tour update but let’s see what we can do.
February 12, 2011. The single biggest day in F3T history? Yep, 1,200 people watched the show thanks to a monster 600 person crowd in Portland, and two 300 person shows in Denver on the same night! I was super pumped to be a part of the Portland show. What a party! The seats were filled by far with the most rockin’ crowd to date. The laughs, a cheers could be heard down the street! Thank you Portland and all the local fly shop sponsors for a crazy show! And sorry for the lack of quality pics...we were slammed!
On the mic, workin' the crowd.

The line..after we started letting people in.

Awoke to a text this morn. "Wake the f#*k up bitches. Steelhead wait for no one".

A little post show tug love for TR.

 We arrived in Bend a week ago to back to back sell outs. We switched venues up a bit this year and moved down the street to the McMenamin’s theater and it did not disappoint! Due to a rule with the venue, there were a few tickets left to be sold at the door. With people showing up and hour and a half early, the few tics left didn’t last long. With the countless local brews, a great menue and couch style seating, the show was a huge success.

The calm before the storm.
People lined up for the last 25 tics.

A little pre shwo warm up.

Future fly fisher!

A little post show exploring.


We don’t have anything but a crappy cell pic, but on the way out of town I did manage to get into my first Bull trout. He may have been the smallest bull in the state, but he smashed the huge streamer I was throwing at his bigger brothers.  Not every day I add a new Salmonid to the list.


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  1. Keep it up and keep the reports coming! Thanks Heron!

    Hope to catch up with the F3T Crew in SLC...Lucky may make the Boise show...

    Peace and Grace