Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fly Fishing is Not A Crime, SC Reds edition.

To be honest I can probably some up our visit to Charleston in a few short words…Good good, good fishin’, good people. And that’s about it. But I won’t.  We arrived in town knowing that both our 5pm and 8pm shows were sold out, not surprising since there are literally red fish swimming down the streets down there.

Thank you Charleston Angler for crushing it!

Thad making some serious decisions.

Paul Puckett holdin' it down.

Delicioustown USA.

After doing who knows how many shows over the years and visiting countless cites, I can honestly say that Charleston may be my new personal favorite. One of the main reasons was the people as mentioned earlier. We didn’t stay in a hotel at all while we were there, why …because a friend of a friend gave us the green light to crash his pad for a few days. Little did we know that new best friend Graham Hegamyer and his girlfriend Christina had only moved in a few days earlier. This was literally the definition of southern hospitality.  Not only did they open their doors for us…but there was SEVEN OF US! We had few good friends taggin’ along for a bunch of the southeast.
If you're ever in C'town...Hit him up.

The crew gettin' down on some southern grub.

The morning after the show all plans to chase reds were quickly put to rest because of insanely high winds that would have made life miserable. All was not lost though…Graham quickly put in place plan B, and we were chasing bass in a local private pond in no time. I caught what might have been my first large mouth on the fly in what must have been ten years. Hopefully I’ll have the vid of this soon…along with the four old guys that wanted to put our asses in jail for putting a flats boat in the pond! HAH! After one of the craziest old man pissing and screaming matches ever secretly recorded on video ended…good prevailed and we were given permission to fish the pond…again.
Fly Fishing is Not a Crime.
Day two, the winds died and we were headed to open water in a 32’ Commander center console, with a pair of sexy 250s. Thanks to our Atlanta boy Paul Puckett for this incredible hook up! This was it, off to chase giant cobia and jacks…what could possibly go wrong! Wha wha whaaaa. Just as we left the inlet, engine one stopped pissing, and that was a problem, big problem. We headed back to the dock and had everyone and their brother trying to get it working….nadda.

Big water breakfast.

Jack Crack.

Plan B…again. We made one call and Graham had us loaded on his boat chasing reds in no time. Saved again. We hit the flats just as the tides were changing, and we were on fish in no time. Over all the three of us had about ten eats or so, and about six hook ups. I was lucking enough to get my two to the boat. Enjoy.

Good start.

It's on!


The "little guy".

Jacksonville, Tampa, Tarpon coming soon.



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