Thursday, April 14, 2011

The FLA Stops- Round #1

Not long after chasing reds, we were headed south to the Jacksonville show. There was a quick detour though; I was getting dropped off in Hilton Head, SC to have the quickest family reunion in history. As it turns out, I was in the area the same time my cousin was having his second baby, on top of that his mom (my aunt) and two of this three brothers and sisters where there too…from Michigan. On top of that my aunt and uncle from NY happened to be taking a nice south east road trip at the same time. Not a bad deal. The icing on the cake was my mom being able to make the trip down to help with the new baby. Being on opposite coasts since college, it’s a rare treat to get to spend time with the rents and I tired to make the most of it. Good thing my dad couldn’t make it, I’m sure we would have fished and there wouldn’t have been much of a reunion for me anyway.

Hilton Head CVS'a are Selling sun tan lotion, Tahoe CVS's are still selling winter sleds.

 It was great to see the fam and catch up some, however it was short lived. In about 30 hrs I was in my rental car to meet back up with the boys in Jacksonville. The Jax show had a good, but unusually quite crowd…I think next yr we’ll just have to promote some pre show vodka-redbull specials. That should do the trick. This was also good friend Rob McAbee’s home show (He also headed north for the Charleston show), you may know Rob from all the Bug Slinger Fly Gear you’ve been seeing the last few years. He was rollin’ deep with his local boys decked head to toe in BS gear. I know I’ll be rocking some of the new threads real soon. It was good to catch up with the crew…but like always, early the next morning we were headed south.

Our boy Rowdy pimpin' a new BS Tee, soon to be realeased.

We took one little detour again on the way to Tampa, we were headed to Daytona for the grand tour of Costa Del Mar. For the second year in a row, they are the presenting sponsor of the film tour and without their support since day one; the film tour would not be what it has become today. After a quick tour (sorry pics not allowed inside), they treated us to lunch, and a drive by of the Daytona 500…pretty sweet if you ask me, next time we’ll have to hit it a few weeks earlier and partake in some of the crazy festivities.

Casa de Costa.

Well I did sneak one pic.

Start your engines.

Holler DB.

The OG #3.

Next up…Tampa poontangle.


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  1. You had a blast i think...The pictures relects that you had a lot of fun there in Hilton.Its really sounds like in just the past few days momentum is already building.