Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Different Way To Make A Difference.

A little pick-me-up from yesterday's Debbie Downer....

Constantly within the world of fly fishing we are bombarded with all things “new”. New rods, new reels, new lines, all of which promise to make a difference in the way we fish for the better. For many of us, these new products may help some, other times they may not. But no matter how you look at it, they are meant to change “us”…But what about a totally “new” idea? What about something “new” that makes a difference for everyone? What about a different way to make a difference?

Loon Outdoors has come up with a new “Idea” that is exactly that… Different ways to make a difference.  They explain it perfectly on their website...or see below.

There are some whose creativity matches their passion for conservation. We are grateful for those who not only fight the good fight, but come up with new ways to raise money, get people involved and market their cause.

We will keep this page updated with new ideas as they come in. Our hope is that these ideas will help other passionate
shops, organizations and conservationists get their ideas off of the ground.

This idea is so simple, and yet could potentially change so much for the really is mind boggling. It seems the first company that has jumped on board is Rocky Mountain Anglers out of Boulder, CO. As one of our local sponsorts for the Film Tour, it's great to see them so involved!!

How ‘bout this for a “new” idea that makes a difference?...

When the folks at Rocky Mountain Anglers in Colorado noticed that their local Boulder Creek had trash piling up, they decided to do something about it. They informed anglers that if they brought in a bag of trash from the banks of the creek they would receive a free fly of their choice: small bag = small fly, big bag = big fly. Five bags of trash entitled anglers to a Rocky Mtn Anglers ball cap.

The beauty of this is that everybody wins: the shop (for the small price of a fly) gets people in their store, anglers are motivated to chip in, and, most importantly, the river gets some attention!

Do your local waters need a little TLC? If so, think about taking a page out of the RMA playbook!

How awesome is this concept?!! It’s a win, win for everyone involved. The shop gets people in the door (good for the shop, and the industry), the people clean up their back yard trout water along with getting a few flies for free! …And of course the biggest winner of them all, the environment. Simple.

Kudos to Loon Outdoors, along with Rocky Mountain Anglers for thinking outside the box on this one. It’s seems now more than ever the industry is trying to come up with that next big idea that will get us out of the proverbial ‘rut’ that many think we’re in. Something what will increase participation along with retail sales over night…last time I checked Brad Pitt wasn’t working on his double haul for round two.

I say take a page from Loon Outdoors and challenge each other to think of ideas that can make a big difference one small step at a time in your area.

Free Flies Anyone?



  1. Huzzah! Rocky Mountain Anglers is my local shop. Great shop and great people! I've picked up a few bags and added a few flies to my box!

  2. Great blog, you got a new follower! Were is an update?

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