Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Fish of the Year

Well it’s pretty much taken me forever to complete all the changes to the new website. Even though it’s been “done” since early summer…I just can’t seem to get every little tiny thing finished I want. There are a bunch of fixes left to the shout outs page, the gallery and other small things here and there. With that said, I was able to get one thing done recently. I added a new header pic to the home page.
You may not know this, but many of you have a small connection to the huge brown below. The guy holding it won the Mountain Khakis Sweepstakes I did last year with the resort.  To make a long story short, of the 4,000 entries (he entered via my boys over at moldy chum), Cory won a vacation at the resort, some killer gear form our friends at Sage, SA, Bug Slinger and a half day guide trip with yours truly. The icing on the cake was, his wife surprised him with a second guide day…and day two did not disappoint. Not only where they two of my best guide days of the year, but this amazing 24” brown is my personal best client fish. It also happened to be Cory’s biggest brown ever as well.
Down the road I’ll post a report with all the pics, and all the fish, but I figured I would show off this big boy for ya’ll to see.  I’m gonna see Cory up in Bend in a few weeks while on the road with the film tour, and I’m sure one of the first we’ll be talking about is this kyped faced male.

New Header.

Taped at 24!


Aqua Shot.

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